Harnessing the Hunter’s Moon

This coming weekend will be the perfect opportunity to view the Hunter’s Moon – October’s full moon aptly named for the pre-winter hunting season.

The moon will appear orange due to long wavelength red light traveling easily through the atmosphere. A rising full moon is viewed through lots of atmosphere, causing the unique color. 

The Hunter’s Moon will be fully visible in the east just after sunset. In Bedford, we’ll be able to see the moonrise around 6:20 PM. 

Our last Full Moon Adult Goat Yoga class of the season is this Sunday, October 9th at 6:30 PM! We’ll be celebrating the Hunter’s Moon and a wonderful goat yoga season with this year’s group of baby goats. 

You can sign up for the class on our Eventbrite page by clicking here!

All information is from this article by Jamie Carter for Forbes. 

Hunter’s Moon image link.