Miniature horse being brushed during a Farmer's Helpers class at Chip-in Farm

Is a Miniature Horse the Same as a Pony? Ask the Barnyard Reporters!

Barnyard Reporters Carrot Cake and Clyde are eager to share the inside scoop on what’s happening around Chip-in Farm. Do you have a question? Submit it here and they will be happy to reply! Today they will be discussing their favorite subject – miniature horses!

Carrot Cake: Clyde, is there a difference between a miniature horse and a pony?

Clyde: We’re more alike than different! Although we’re the same species we look a bit different – just like people! Ponies tend to be stocky with short legs, while miniature horses look like a full-size horse, just smaller!

Carrot Cake: And do we grow up and get jobs like people, too?

Clyde: For hundreds of years we hauled coal out of mines. Because of our small size we could fit through tight spaces. Now, we play an important role as therapy animals, for people with difficulty hearing and seeing and people who might need emotional support.

Carrot Cake: So what’s your favorite Farmer’s Helpers activity?

Clyde: I’m so sociable and just love to be petted and brushed. What about you Carrot Cake?

Carrot Cake: I love to trot around, pulling carts and running obstacle courses. But most I all I enjoy connecting visitors with our simple farming way of life!

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