The Unexpected Benefits of Goat Yoga

If there’s one thing we love at Farmer’s Helpers, it’s baby goats! From spring to the end of the fall, we spend our days with a herd of adorable bouncing babies born from the adult goats at the farm. It’s our pleasure to share the joy and company of these babies with you – especially when it comes to goat yoga.

What is goat yoga? It’s exactly what the name implies – yoga with baby goats! The idea was coined by Lainey Morse in 2016 when she looked to her goats to help deal with stressors in her life. Since then, it’s become extremely popular across the country. Goat yoga doesn’t benefit just people, either. Baby goats love being around people for the affection, exercise, and mental stimulation. It’s a win-win situation!

According to Korinne Harper Johnson, President and Founder of Downward Goat, “The basic principle behind goat yoga is a way to leave the rest of the world outside the gate for a little while and enjoy being outside and connecting with these wonderful animals and each other. Animals provide both a distraction from everyday life and a reminder to be present.”

Traditional yoga practices offer a host of benefits for humans – from increased flexibility and strength to improved balance and posture as well as reducing stress and anxiety. When coupled with cuddles from baby goats, yoga classes can help you feel more in the moment and at peace.

Goat yoga classes with Farmer’s Helpers are for people of all ages with all levels of yoga experience. As our yoga instructor Julie Aronis likes to say, we don’t take ourselves too seriously while practicing goat yoga. You have to be able to laugh at yourself – sometimes a goat will knock you over and that’s okay! Our focus is on enjoying the company of the goats and feeling connected to nature.

What can you expect in a goat yoga class with Farmer’s Helpers? Our classes are an hour long. About 45-50 minutes of that time is for yoga – we do poses both with and without the goats. They’ll climb on your backs, jump in your laps, and eat lots of treats. The remaining 10-15 minutes is left for pictures and cuddles.

Our goat yoga season typically runs spring to fall. We offer a few different options to get you on a mat with our goats ranging from public classes to private classes to travel events – there’s something for everyone. We even do goat yoga birthday parties!

Can’t wait to try it for yourself? Visit our Eventbrite page to see upcoming public classes. Want to book a private class for your school, work, or group at the farm? Fill out this form. Want us to bring our goats to you for a travel event? Fill out this form!

All information in this blog post except for Farmers’s Helpers-specific information came from the article Inside The Crazy World of Goat Yoga! by Amber Sayer for Yogajala.